History of lyceum

1991 year
According to decision of municipal department of education physical-mathematical lyceum was opened in Uralsk Elaboration of Conception and Rules of lyceum. Setting of scientific-and-practical relations with West Kazakhstan state university.
1992-1994 year
Becoming of material base. Selection and allocation of staff. Creative search of teachers. Determination of strategy and tactics of pedagogical activity. Creating of lyceum’s traditions, determining its individuality. 19 October – Lyceum’s Day. Introduction of lyceum student’s codex.
1994-1995 year
Opening of forms with humanity education. Developing of author’s and adapted programs, integrated courses. Creating of extra courses. Cooperation with Soros Foundation. The first grant was won.
1996 year
A selection to pre lyceum seventh forms began. Engagement to Soros Foundation programs: «Model of United Nations» «Debates». The second Grant of Soros Foundation was won. Access to electronic mail.
1997 year
Opening of chemistry and biology forms. Access to the Internet. Engagement to Soros Foundation Program - « I*EARN».
1998-1999 year
Becoming of classical type of lyceum. Broad scientific and practical relations. Participation of teachers and students in regional and republican conferences. Formation of centre of high education preparation.
30 June 1999 year
School-lyceum №35 was admitted as a member of UNESCO International Association of schools in projects like «International assent and interaction of cultures», «Protection of environment». The 3rd place in Republic competition «Model of school’s management». Beginning of work on methodical problem «Dynamics of students’ intellect developing in personal oriented education».
2000 year
School-lyceum №35 became the laureate of Republican competition «School of the year – 2000». According to the results of the year – 1st place between schools in the region. On the base of school the branch of International educational center of computer technologies APTECH was opened. School’s experience was included inRepublican bank of educational technologies at Republic Institute of Improving Teachers’ Qualification . Creating of the system of valeological monitoring in school. Since 2000 lyceum has been included in the top 100 of the best schools in the Republic by the results of education.
2001-2002 year
Participation in republican programs «Civil development», «Volunteering» «Association of young leaders». Opening the branch of republican center «Association of young leaders» in school. Working on methodical problem «Organization of work with talented and gifted children». 1st place in the rating of municipal schools, 1st team place in municipal olympiad.
2003-2004 year
Participation in ecological project «Perevalochnaya Wood» on reconstruction of protection forests in Uralsk region. Teachers participation in the city and regional pedagogical readings. Diplomas in republican contest of author’s programs.
2004-2005 year
School-lyceum №35 – school-experimenter on the course « Formation of healthful environment at innovation school ». 1st place among innovation schools in the town for obtained achievements in teaching and educational work. 1st place according to the results of the National Test among schools of the town. Participation in the republican competition of author’s programs in «Daryn». Lyceum was included in the top 100 of the best schools in Kazakhstan according to the results of the National Test.
2006-2007 year
Creating the web-site of lyceum (Grand prix in regional competition «School web-sites - 2007»);opening of climbing wall, rafting on the river Ural. Development of mountain and water tourism. School-lyceum – bearing school for pilot schools in region on the formation of health-saving environment. Students won 166 awards: at city level – 106, regional – 39, national – 4, and international FLEX program – 17 awards.
2007-2008 year
I 1st place in the regional competition of innovation schools «Open school». Holding of regional thematic seminars on the base of school, regional internet-consultations online on preparing for the National Test in Chemistry and English. Functioning of municipal and regional schools of progressive experience on Management, Mathematics, Informatics, and English. In that year students of lyceum won 182 victories, among them ,municipal Olympiads – 121 victories, regional Olympiads – 45 victories, republican Olympiads – 8 victories, on international program FLEX – 18 victories.
2008-2009 year
There is an importance of multilevel organization on methodical work. The target of methodical work of lyceum is a creating of favorable atmosphere in collective, which contributes to develop creative potential of teachers. Victories of teachers in competitions «Altyn disk» - Grand Prix, 1st place; «Information-literate teacher» - 2nd place, «Teacher of the year - 2009» - 3rd place. In that year the students of lyceum won 188 victories, among them, municipal Olympiads – 126, regional olympiads – 41, republican Olympiads – 6, international program FLEX – 15.
2009-2010 year
Creating of one information environment in school, information and communication re-equipment in cabinets of school. 1st place in regional competition «The best resource -information center of school». In that academic year students won 211 victories, among them, municipal olympiads – 145, regional olympiads – 44, republican olympiads – 4, international program FLEX – 9.
2010-2011 year
Lyceum –a basic school for preparing of pretenders for reception a sign «Altyn Belgi» students of town’s schools. The working of regional experimental platform « Formation of healthful environment at innovation school» was finished and generalized . Presentation of work on that project at municipal seminar of directors was realized, and publication of methodical recommendations at Regional institute of improving teachers’ qualification was done. In that academic year students won 213 victories, among them, municipal olympiads – 137, regional olympiads – 51, republican olympiads – 19, international FLEX program – 6.
2011-2012 year
It is 20th birthday of lyceum’s foundation. More than 65 families connect education of their children with lyceum. Among the graduates of lyceum – chairmen of Ministry of International Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Iran and Russia, cooperators of apparatus of the President of Kazakhstan, scientific intelligentsia of Kazakhstan, Russia, Australia, the USA, and England, 3 Doctors of Science, 6 Candidates of Science, teachers of institutions of higher learning and colleges, musicians of the British Academy of arts, doctors of leading clinics, top-managers of large companies, and businessmen. Graduates successfully enter and study at universities of Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, England, the USA, Canada, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Malaysia, the UAE. 23 students study in the national program «Bolashak», in international program FLEX( USA) – 21 students. Knowledge and skills, got in lyceum, help graduates realize themselves in this life, carry out their all ambitious plans. There are open doors to big world in front of them, they carry the name «student of lyceum» honorably, they bring fame to native Kazakhstan, native town, own school. The history is continuing…

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